Iron Chariot, Flying High

On Saturday June 6, 2015 Iron Chariot traded in his motorcycle helmet for a Robe & Crown.


You have been loved by many brother, and with our own selfish sadness we hand you over to our risen Lord and Savior.


Thank you for giving us the spirit of the open road while you were here. We love you and will miss you until we meet again !

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Every Biker Needs An Airbag

Every biker knows that airbags in cars save lives. However as unfortunate as it might seem, I am not aware of any such apparatus available for motorcycles. I was the unfortunate biker that had a totally horrific accident in 2006. Aside from the 3 breaks in my back and my head trauma (no open wounds to head) I learned one very valuable lesson. The DOT approved helmet protected my skull from being cracked open like a tomato, and the leather I was wearing prevented me from acquiring a very serious case of road rash. After a rather lengthy stay in the trauma center, I have returned home, gone back to work, and traveling again. One of the most valuable things I learned was, that a good helmet and good leather apparel is as close as I can currently get to an airbag while riding. I have included a Link to one of the best leather manufactures I know and it’s all American made.

Free Standard shipping at FoxCreekLeather! No minimum order required, contiguous US only.

Iron Chariot

P.S. Through the grace of God, I’m up walking and enjoying the blessing of a loving family



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Gettysburg Re-enactment, 150th Commemorative

(The Journey)


My plans to visit the 150th commemorative re-enactment at Gettysburg Pa., was what I thought would be a very intriguing journey to share with my viewers. My first mistake occurred when I tried making reservations for accommodations. I mistakenly did not begin my reservation quest until two months prior to this event, only to find out that I should have started 6 months prior. I don’t ever require super plush accommodations when I travel, so I acquired a camping cabin at Harpers Ferry Va. KOA a mere 57 miles from Gettysburg. I had never been to a re-enactment before nor have I ever been an avid historian. I felt this journey would allow me to experience a re-enactment and obtain some historic knowledge. I was there 1 week and didn’t scratch the surface of the history that engulfs this place. To my surprise, Harpers Ferry contains some very pertinent history, which I took time to experience. Out of all the states I have been through, I don’t recall ever having ridden through any with as much beautiful landscape visible along side of the interstate as Pennsylvania.

The huge number of visitors did not permit leisurely motorcycle riding through such places as downtown Gettysburg or the battlefield park; with this in mind we did manage to manage to find numerous rider friendly side roads, that were very scenic. We captured quite a bit of re-enactment video footage which we won’t be able to use all of, because spectators heads kept popping into view. Not boring the viewer does become a concern. In order to enjoy the true beauty of cruising we had to venture to back roads that tourists’ did not use. We even had a fresh fruit lunch at an Amish fruit stand. Two days’ prior to the re-enactment, the weather man was predicting very gloomy weather (2” Flash flooding possible), so we traveled in the four wheeler (truck) to Washington D.C., and visited the Viet Nam Veterans wall. We also went to York Pa. to tour the H.D. factory where my bike (2006 Ultra Classic) was built. Due to the immense amount of history in this part of our great Country, I would have to suggest allowing ample time to visit or plan on returning. The camping cabin I stayed in had no running water or bathroom, the bath house was super close and super clean. It did provide a nice cool, dry place to sleep (I used my sleeping bag for bed linens). It also provided a lockable door, which allowed me to leave my overnight bag without fearing it might disappear.


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Thunder Beach – Panama City FL


The first thing I noticed upon my arrival, was the super courteous way all the local business owners provide bikers with ample places to park their bikes and trailers. The weather was far less than desirable, the opportunities for super comfortable riding were abundant. The clouds remained all week, not permitting the temperature to raise much above seventy (mid seventies all week). The weather may have dampened and reduced the number of attendees ‘, however the hospitality of the locals was still intact. These weather conditions may have presented less than optimal vendor or business owner’s turnout. The cruising throughout and around town was great. I personally am not a true ocean and beach freak, however the beaches here are beautiful and the water in the ocean is super clear (very transparent). All in all, I truly enjoyed cruising the uncrowded beach front highways and seeing all the sights, including visiting the many vendor locations and the many different motorcycle oriented activities. This truly is an exceptional vacation destination and the Southern Hospitality you experience everywhere you dine or shop, is another reason you can enjoy your visit.

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Yellowstone National Park

We entered Yellowstone from Jackson Hole Wyoming; once we entered, the enjoyment began. You experience different scenery around every corner. Plan on spending the entire day, if not more in your attempt to soak it all in. If you can’t resist all the pull offs, you will tear up the better part of a week just trying to see it all.

I don’t claim to have seen the whole thing (Yellowstone Park), but I do plan on returning. You will be amazed at all the wildlife you will see. Buffalo range very freely and often present photo opportunities.

Old Faithful geyser and the geyser field offer several hours of enjoyment. Old Faithful erupts approximately every 40 minutes. Seating is available, however to get a real good view you must endure the front row (standing only).

Please remember that all wildlife in the Park is free ranging and could show up in the road at any time. In one of our descents we had to slow up and allow a mother Elk and her offspring to cross in front of us.


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Bear Tooth Pass (Wyoming)

We began our visit to this fabulous location, from the North-east entrance of Yellowstone Park. Beartooth Highway (47 miles) is closed during winter months, be sure to check those dates and make sure they don’t interfere with your travel plans.

With peak elevation of 10947 feet above Sea level cooler temps should be expected and wear appropriate clothing (extras in saddle bags). Being this high above all this beautiful scenery is simply breathtaking. We ended this journey in Red Lodge Montana where we spent the night. This ride may not be on my bucket list, but it should be!



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Cherohala Skyway



This place is one of my favorites for many different reasons. The first would have to be the many biker friendly establishments around my stay. The many different options you can choose from to park your ride and spend the night. The many different choices you have available for dinning. However one of the neatest things is the Historic little town of Tellico Plain’s. While cruising through you will find many neat establishments, one of which is a motorcycle touring shop that offers all kinds of neat biking gear and allot of info about the Cherohala trip. The name Cherohala derives from the name of Cherokee National Forrest (Tennessee side) and Nantahala National Forrest ( North Carolina side ).  This is what I truly enjoy, a nice relaxing ride through a truly beautiful gift from our creator, and this is what I call therapy!


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Taming the Dragon

We all must understand that what we might enjoy as our form of entertainment, Is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. My journey to Deals Gap was planned during mid-week so my leisure style of riding did not turn into a nuisance to the high speed twisty loving sport bike riders.

This ride can be very scenic and enjoyable, There are pull offs strategically placed throughout the entire (318 curve) 11 mile ride. Do not become inconsiderate, if someone is on your tail, let them around. Remember, just because you might wear briefs, you can’t expect me not to wear boxers.

The accommodations I acquired at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort were very reasonably priced and the food at the Diner was great (including breakfast). There is a gift shop where you can purchase T-shirts’, or various other Dragon Tail memorabilia.

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Sturgis and the Full Throttle Saloon

My trip from home to Sturgis (1300 miles) was without a doubt the most adventurous trip I had ever taken. I left home with 4 of my closest friends; all of us except one had never been before. My main objective was to accomplish this journey while I was still physically able to travel the long  distance ride it  required,  I like most people am aging.  However I choose to remain “Low Mileage”.

The ride to Sturgis was something I had always dreamed of doing, and I feel it truly was a milestone in my riding career. With only a few inconveniences, the trip became a very enjoyable adventure. The surrounding rides are simply breathtaking. By the time I returned home I had racked up 4200 miles in the seat of my 2006 Harley- Ultra Classic.

We intended on making this journey in 10 days, which we did, But could have spent a lot more time at several of the locations.  The rides around Sturgis and all the various sites to see are so abundant that you don’t feel as though you got to see all you wanted to. Maybe that is why I will return!


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Mount Rushmore

  Mount Rushmore is  one of many sites this  part of the Country (South Dakaota) has to offer. One of the more enjoyable routes you will experience is the Iron Mountain Highway (Peter Norbec scenic byway) which leads you into Mount Rushmore. This ride is so peaceful, that you really don’t want it to end!

The square tunnels will astonish you, but don’t allow them to distract your attention away from the fact that the last one perfectly picture frames Mount Rushmore in the distance. The architectural design required to accomplish that astonishes me!

There is a gift shop so you can purchase a Mount Rushmore keepsake, but the pictures you take of your experience will last forever.

Galen Clark

                              IRON CHARIOT

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